The actual inspection

I’m downloading this video as I type. Thanks.

Please take Billy’s advice to heart.

Your website needs ALLOT of work.
Like tons.
Cute couple pic though. :slight_smile:

Like I said… My site is for something totally different. When I’m certified, I will be revamping the whole site. All good though. The site has served me well since 2010.

Just make a whole new site. Especially if you can’t flip a switch and go full time into the new venture leaving the old venture cold turkey.

As a note on that too. If you intend to build your site yourself, I recommend to start working on now. But don’t publish it until you and it are completely ready.

I may just shut my site down and revamp. My big concern is if my current business name can translate into an “Inspection Only” type of business. Still working that out. If I change the business name, I’ll open a can of worms that took me years to accomplish in the first place.

B & S Home Inspection Services LLC

Change the URL to cityhomeinspector or homeinspections if possible for SEO reasons. Keep in my mind you was working for companies before. Now you’re working for companies and private individuals. Image is key to your overall business health. Your site looks like something from the early internet days. Get a professional logo and website straight out of the gate and don’t attempt yourself if your not familiar with how SEO works throughout a website (code).