The Alliance of Canadian Home Inspectors...

… Has been born.

Some of the things that we are about.

That’s right! A.C.H.I. provides all members with free educational opportunities. All Alliance courses are free to members and presented at convenient locations at convenient times.

Why? Because your ALLIANCE OF CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS believes it is most important to provide members with the opportunity to upgrade themselves at a cost that all members can afford. FREE !

SPEAK AND BE HEARD! Membership in the ALLIANCE OF CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS gives all members through their ALLIANCE, access to the Teamster Professional Lobbyists. For the first time Canadian members will have a voice in the halls of government that will be heard. With the backing of 1.7 million affiliated Teamsters, and their professional lobbyists, Alliance members will be recognized and regaurded.

SLEEP AT NIGHT! With the strength of numbers the ALLIANCE will negotiate lower insurance costs for members so all members, should they wish, will be able to afford Errors and Omissions insurance, liability insurance and reduced rates on many other types of insurance.

MEMBERS WILL NOT STAND ALONE. If the need arises, the ALLIANCE will provide members with legal consultations so that no member need face legal issues without expert advice. A percentage of membership dues will be put aside to build a ‘war chest’ to finance the legal defense of members. Through a “Legal DEFENSE” committee members will be able to request that the ALLIANCE supply advice and in certain cases, representation. The legal DEFENSE committee will assess each request and assign a ‘para-legal’ councilor for a consultation. The legal DEFENSE committee will decide when a case has ‘national’ importance and would effect all members / the industry and may then, participate through the courts.

IT COULDN’T HAPPEN TO YOU? The Alliance in conjunction with the Teamsters will make health and disability programmes available to members. With the strength of numbers from the alliance with the Teamsters of Canada, members need not risk their health or financial futures to accident of ill health.

BUYING POWER. With the strength of numbers the Alliance has already negotiated lower costs for goods and services for members. Ever wanted to know what it felt like to have ‘buying power’? Members do!

EVERYBODY WELCOME! For a period of one year after the initial launch all practicing home inspectors who have successfully operated for a period of one year and completed 20 home inspections ( subject to verification) will be welcomed into the Alliance as members. Once inside the “big tent” members, regardless of their experience or training will be able to take advantage of the FREE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES to upgrade their skills and improve themselves and the industry.

IT’S OFFICIAL! All written or oral examinations administered upon completion of courses offered by the Alliance will be proctored at union halls throughout the country as required. Members who attend a course will get credit. Make it count.

NEED A WEB SITE? Professional web design at reduced costs will be made available to all members. It is the 21’st century and every serious Home Inspector needs a web presence in the form of a modern, technically cutting edge web site. The same team that is providing the ALLIANCE web site will design a “killer” site for members at reduced cost. Seeing is believing!

SELL, SELL, SELL! One of the hardest parts of establishing and maintaining a Home Inspection business is marketing it. Let’s be honest, most inspectors are great technicians but lowsy marketers. So the Alliance will provide marketing advice and resources to all members. Through courses, resource materials and professional consultations every member will be able to craft a marketing campaign to success.

CALL AND ASK A FELLOW INSPECTOR No inspector works alone. Every member will be able to call experienced fellow inspectors when they encounter the unknown in the field. Help, advice and assistance are just a call away.

DON’T MISS THE BIG SHOW! As membership builds and the ALLIANCE web site develops courses will be available to all members over the net. Study from the comfort of your own easy chair and improve your knowledge of our industry. Credit for these courses will be contingent upon the completion of a proctored exam.

NO FREE LUNCH. Not one penny of tax payers money was used in the construction of the ALLIANCE OF CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS INC. Your ALLIANCE is beholden to no one. With the strength of numbers provided by our association with the TEAMSTERS of Canada, your ALLIANCE is already at work in the halls of government across Canada working to win the recognition that ALLIANCE members deserve.

“BOOK LEARNIN’ AIN’T ENOUGH!” The one thing that all the classroom courses cannot provide is hands on experience. Without actual in-field experience a newly graduated Inspector lacks the most valuable part of his education. New members will be mentored by experienced inspectors in the field during actual inspections. Their performance will be assessed and areas of improvement suggested. Doing is the best way of learning. And the years of acquired knowledge and experience of our senior members will be available to our newest members through mentoring and apprenticeship programmes now under development.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART Every member is encouraged to help build and operated the Alliance. There is no elite. There are no industry leaders, and no good old boys. This association was established by inspectors just like you; will be grown by inspectors just like you; and will be operated by inspectors just like you.

And we are still working on bigger and better things.

How much does all this cost $$$$

Hi Allen

Great question… the membership dues are $399.00 plus tax cdn