The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors Welcomes Its First Member - Nick Gromicko

The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors (TAMHI) is the working name of a new state association that will sponsor the opposition to Realtors and other special interests who are attempting to gain control over home inspectors in our state.

Nick Gromicko has graciously accepted the invitation to become the alliance’s very first member. His support for this effort comes at a very crucial and important time.

We will soon be holding our first meeting and election of a president, secretary and treasurer and have already been approached by some very high quality and reputable vendors who have offered their support by way of discounted products and free samples for members.

To the first five new members to join the alliance after this posting, Joe Farsetta will enroll each of them in a free year of ADRS.

For more information, write or call me.

To the first five new members to join the alliance after this posting, Joe Farsetta will enroll each of them in a free year of ADRS.

Did I win? :wink:

We will gladly accept you as a dues paying member, Frank. Our charter embraces all home inspectors or other industry-related partners who wish to oppose the Missouri Association of Realtors and other minority special interests looking to control our profession in Missouri.

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To the first five new members to join the alliance after this posting, Joe Farsetta will enroll each of them in a free year of ADRS.

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Did I win? :wink:
*End Quote: *

Oh … so now there are :shock:“DUES”:shock:… That kind of negates the "Free" ADRS program!

Thank you but… NO Thank You! :wink:

No, Frank. Dues do not negate anything.

Dues are used to pay a lobbyist and to fund other activities to support home inspectors in Missouri. All of us pay them.

The free enrollment into the ADRS program is a special gift to the early birds.

Can I join?

Yes, you can.

Send me the info.

John - Check your email.

Thanks for the info. I have a question… what Good would an “Out of State” member do in your new org?

I think I am going to throw up! :shock::roll:

Just wanted to see if I was welcomed or not.
James treated my with kindness and said I could join.

Strong debates do not have to end friendship.

That was not strong debate John, Bushwack was stabbing you in the back, and yelling for the negative poster to be given access to smear you. He is the total opposite of everything you believe in. Don’t let his kind invitation fool you, after he gets your money, you will be spit on again! P.S. There was never any friendship there to start with. IMHO

Ken, I insist that you either provide proof of your allegations against Jim Bushart or that you cease violating 3.3 of iNACHI’s COE.

Bulletin From


For the first time, home inspectors in Missouri can locally participate in a professional association that is totally committed to promoting and preserving the home inspection profession in the state of Missouri and neighboring states.

Nominations: The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors will have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Presently, volunteers are being solicited to serve on a Nomination and Election Committee who will seek qualified candidates, prepare electronic ballots, and handle the election of officers. If you would like to participate, call or email Jim Bushart at 314-803-2167 or .

Important Dates: Nominees for offices will be announced to all voting members on March 2, 2009. Elections will be held on March 16, 2009.

National Associations: The Alliance welcomes members from all national associations to join us in our local agenda, as well as home inspectors from other states and members of other professions and groups who share our commitment to the promotion of the home inspection profession and preserving its integrity and ability to provide unbiased, accurate and professional services to clients.
Our membership is presently small since recruiting efforts have are less than a week old, but we have added to our ranks home inspectors from a variety of states, national associations and backgrounds.
We are especially proud that Nick Gromicko, the Executive Director of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) was among the very first to join our new association. We thank him for his support.

Vendors: Several kind folks have come forward to support our efforts by offering discounts for their products. A special thanks to Joe Farsetta for providing the free enrollment in his arbitration/mediation services for the first five members. As agreements are reached with these merchants we will have additional announcements in this regard.

Membership: Please support Missouri’s first and only active alliance of home inspectors with your membership. Contact Jim Bushart at for membership information.

Jim I have sent you an e-mail please sign me on board

Welcome, Terry.

Terry got the last of the ADRS give-a-ways and a big thanks, again, to Joe Farsetta for providing this valuable service.

If one of your business decisions is to forego E&O insurance for any of the various reasons people do, this service is essential. If you have insurance and want to hang on to your deductable…you need ADRS as well.

Contact Joe Farsetta for more information.