The amazement park

Taking a 2-day trip to Cedar Point today. I will be with the in-laws, my wife (who is 7 months pregnant), my 9 year old son, my 2 year old son, and my 1 year old daughter. It’s supposed to be around 90 today … :shock: …God help me… wish me luck!

Have a great week y’all!!!


Have fun. Keep one eye on those kids at all times. With all that amusement, they can diappear in a second. Whenever I go to Six Flags, my kids do not leave my sight.

Spent the day at Cedar Point a couple weeks ago. Was HOT! and 2 kids past out while we were waiting in line. Here’s a tip. Don’t ride in the front car of any of the coasters after dark. Being near lake Erie the swamp bugs come out and you’ll be plastered. I know from experience.