The anti-woke attack on Free Speech and Free Expression

This isn’t CRT or 1619. It’s a college level elective offered to high school students to earn college credits and teach students about African American influence on music and culture.

We are all Americans’. No matter what your races or color is.
One day when people get over this we can “ALL” move on to better things.
It really earks my a*ss that after a couple of hundred years some still hold a grudge.
Get over it so we can all move on and make a better America!
All “they” are trying to do is to divide us. “They” want to divide and concor us.
Don’t let it happen ! Stand strong you Americans and don’t fall for their foolishness.


I’m sure there’s more to it… They argue that the course is not complete, and leaves alot that can be filled in by the teacher. (ie, their own agendas)

Also from the article:

(As the Department of Education has previously stated, if the College Board amends the course to comply, provides a full course curriculum, and incorporates historically accurate content, then the Department will reconsider the course for approval," Griffin added.)

It further states that a pilot program for any AP course takes years, I think Desantis would just prefer it not be done here until it can be verified

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Looks like the Loony Left is out complaining again without knowing what they’re complaining about. Anyone that quotes a CNN story should have their mental faculties evaluated!


Maybe this is more your taste:

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Thank you for proving my point!

But you haven’t said anything intellectual yet.

Decide for yourself. Is the State of Florida protecting the indoctrination of young minds or is this systemic racism in violation of the first amendment?