The Beatles 50 Year

Wow…that was a great show.

It was a great show.

50 years ago, tonight, I watched them on Ed Sullivan while I ate my supper (spaghetti and meatballs). 50 years later, the survivors are still singing and jumping around on the stage … and I am still eating spaghetti and meatballs. :roll:

Don’t let the cat out of the bag, the show just started on the left coast----:lol:

It has a rough start with a bunch of young people no one has ever heard of trying to sing their songs … but it gets better. Hang with it, Dale.:smiley:

All I’ll say is there are some great parts at the beginning, the middle, and more at the end.

'And they never did say who buried Paul. :smiley:

I can hear it fine from the TV in the other room…:lol:

What commercials are the best?-----:stuck_out_tongue:

Notice recently all programs have 10 minutes of the program, then 10 minutes of commercials, I can drive down to the store and back before the program begins again between commercials…sad…:twisted:

I had fried bologna sandwiches before I got to watch it. I was 14. To this day, I have never had another fried bologna sandwich.

Guess I missed it .
What station was it on ?

Good show although some of the songs were bastardized by those chosen to sing them. Katy Perry performing Yesterday absolutely ruined the song.

What station he asked again ?

CBS- from 7-9:30.

And Stephen is correct Katy Perry butchered that song (Yesterday). She should be ashamed.

Most others were pretty good.

Here Bob -


Usually watching the wild man or something around then…lol