The Beauty Of The Bay

Older homes have a unique character to them and a lot of homeowners are turning to them because of the high cost of land and new construction. Older homes also appeal to new homeowners who dream of fixing them up as they go along. Many older homes have features that you simply don’t find in the more modern styles and one of these breathtaking features is the old fashioned bay window. These beautiful works of architecture can be the focal point of the house, as well as the room they’re featured in. But what may have been a selling point to the home could become quite a challenge for the novice home repairman.

According to an article, The Older Home: Make the most of your bay window, it suggests that one of the first things you do before remodeling, is to inspect the outside of the house where the bay window joins against it for possible damage that may have occurred due to uneven settling. Unless the window was constructed over a structure, the windows may not open properly and cracks can let air and moisture into the bay area, causing damage.

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What does this have to do with Structural Issues?? :frowning: