The Best of the Best

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Infiniti makes a great SUV as well

Do not underestimate the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. They are really nice and they have stepped up big time on there interiors. And if your looking for power then the Srt-8 Grand cherokee is all-wheel drive and amazing.

It depends on what you want it for.
I got the Durango, because of the styling, the reworked ride, and the HEMI, for towing my boat.

If you are the type that likes to spend double for the vehicle you actually need, then the Mercedes is probably a good choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Grand Cherokee srt8 probably doesn’t meet your needs as it only seats five…but it does run 12.80 in the 1/4 mile! :mrgreen:

I am looking at the BMW X5.

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If you ever drive a esclade the rest is just trash.

I drove back from Vegas 22 hours just stopping for gas and felt great when arriving home

SUV or crossover? Everything you have listed is more a crossover vehicle rather than a true SUV.

If it is a crossover you are looking for, I lean towards the Cadillac SRX with the V-8. But then I am on my 4th Cadillac. Check the road reports from C&D and MotorTrend.

Ford Raptor.

Nothing beats the attention grabbing over this baby.

I had the H1 new and it it was like riding in a buckboard.
You can keep the Hummer.
Bad Ride.
Unless they did a lot of changes since then.

Smooth as hell when I am in it.
They are a great deal with obsolescence.

Talk about comfort and street cred.:mrgreen:

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For your safety you may consider this. :mrgreen:

Sounds like you got money to burn with those models or is it just to show people you stand out as a money maker? ;):slight_smile:

You? Over the top :wink:

100 grand for the tricked out Mercedes, how much more high end do you want?

You can always call the “Count” and I am sure he will help you spend your money on something! :wink:

Tesla is coming out with an SUV/crossover. The sedan is currently the most badass car on the road. The SUV should be pretty sweet.

You are a “look at me look at me” kind a guy so I am not surprised these are your choices. Personally I think the Chevy Tahoe is by far better than any of these and it is a vehicle you can use and not worry about.

I will stick with my Dodge Ram . If you guys ever need a tow call me lol

Mobile office option (Pope Mobile package)