The big, bad, 6500-lumen CMI flashlight will make its debut at the Vegas convention.

So does that mean those of us who won the $1000 check for a CMI designation last Christmas will get either a flashlight or $309.90 in change back when our application is processed?:mrgreen::smiley:

I am a current CMI and will be forever
What do I get for buying a $300.00+ flashlight?

Just askin

A flashlight.

Joined the CMI group at the Vegas convention, waiting to receive my icing now.

Since I signed up for the CMI at Nathans deal does that mean I get a free flashlight also???

Hmmmm… oh the people that should have listen to us when the CMI designation was offered in the beginning… :mrgreen:

It’s even been said that some got theirs for nothing…

You’d have to ask Nathan.

I think it was $375 at one time. This was many years ago. Now there is talk of taking it from $1,000 (current price) to $2,500.

Ah-hem… :-;;

I paid a fee to become CMI… but not $2500.
It appears my investment has paid for itself
many times over.

It is a powerful tool with only 3 words.

When can I expect to receive the flash light? Has it been shipped yet?

I don’t know. If you chose a payment plan, they are probably going to ship after you at least cover the flashlight. Because the MICB doesn’t charge annual dues ever, it can’t front anything.

Ron, your flashlight is shipping tomorrow morning.

You already charged my credit card for the full $1000 fee in Vegas when I signed up.

Great, can’t wait to Sport that thing around at my next inspection…