"The case of the hidden electrical panel"

I’m positive this installation meets all panel accessibility requirements!!

IMG_3507 (Small).JPG

IMG_3506 (Small).JPG

That can’t be safe.

This condition was the tip of the iceburg at this particular property!!

WOW! you found one for the ages!!!

Farking amazing!!

And I thought this was a good one.:smiley:



Yikes…yeah I would say we have clearance issues on that one…I can only imagine what it looked like inside.

Maybe it was just empty and was being used as a splice/junction box now and well…it is accessible ( lol ) when the dishwasher is removed…

Good morning Paul, how is the laptop?:smiley:

Funny you should ask…I sent it in for a screen issue because I have so many seminars for the electrical industry coming up in June so I had to get it right away sent out…well they informed me yesterday they replaced the screen and the mother board…I said WHAT…why the motherboard and they said it failed diagnostics tests on it…so guess it was a saving grace that I sent it in…I LIVE off my laptop…but should be back this week and I got ya covered on the PDF