The cheapest IR camera I have found yet.

Why spend $2995.00 when there is this?

That’s some funny stuff right there!:|.)

Great music!

Scott - I hope I speak for everyone when I say you will be blessed for this public service, and especially for what you have done for professional inspectors everywhere - home, commercial and otherwise! YOU, my friend, are the man!

On a personal note, have you come across anything for quick concrete slab repair, front right-side tire alignment and for someone who might be getting a touch of the ebola? Thanks, you can personal message me…

I think the music got to me too - Mozart? Telemond? Al Queda?

It is seeing infrared light, but not at the wavelength we need it.

I made two lens out of beer can bottoms, and mounted them on an old pair of safety goggles. Now I have Infrared Beer Goggles.

Woo Hoooo!

Hahaha. That might help you at the bar tonight :smiley: