The Clay Bowl Effect, just another sales pitch

That’s right. Here’s one homeowner who heard it and unfortunately bought it

Here’s the same homeowners you tubester video, tar on inside walls etc etc

Arbitration sworn testimony, a little Q and A…almost 1/2 down,

Part of Q and A with Aquaguards general manager…

Q. Did you mean to indicate that all of your salesman go out and lie to get jobs?
A. I was talking about salesman in general…they will say anything to get a sale, that’s what I’m saying.

Q. Okay. And do you ever seek to ascertain whether or not the statements your salespeople are making to customers are accurate or not?
A. Every week we go over that and every week they go out and LIE.

Q. They go out and what?
A. Lie.

What other companies use the bs clay bowl effect sales garbage?
Well, lets see… #-o
B dry, Basement Systems, Duh Basement Doctor, Foundation Systems of Michigan etc etc etc…many.

Here’s what B dry has…
First of all, many exterior crawl walls were not even damproofed and many of them not even parged, so why not give/tell anyone reading this all the facts

LAST 2 paragraphs, they bring up…lateral pressure exerted on walls…
then claim, the good news is that each of these problems can be solved by a properly designed waterproofing system…INSIDE.

Well, that’s bulllsht.
NO interior system removes the exterior soil, lateral soil pressure and doesn’t remove any possible underground tree roots against walls or concrete slabs or porch footings etc and doesn’t stop any possible further deterioration of blocks, doesn’t stop further water from entering anything like see…
click each photo to enlarge, jesus, zoom in all ya like
CRAWL SPACE photo’s…
Umm, can somebody of this planet explain in detail ta Bubbamilk, exactly how ANY interior basement drainage system would stop further wall movement, would stop further deterioration of blocks, would stop further water from entering.

So the REAL news is no interior system, not theirs or anyone else’s SOLVES ALL problems as many of these companies claim

Bubba has a ceramic toilet bowl, do you know what kind of EFFECT Bubba has on it? #-o#-o#-o#-o#-o
Got that? Got milk?

Salma Hayek got milk

hmm don’t know why NOW, all of sudden cannot access ‘waterproofingadvocate’ site, been there for quite a few years, don’t know if homeowners got too much crap from the company who screwed them or what, too bad as that arbitration hearing, documents etc could help other homeowners which was supposedly the original intent of homeowner…

touch upon THIS again, the companies general manager under oatk testimony went like this…

Question- Do you ever seek to ascertain whether or not the staements your salespeople are making to homeowners are accuracte or not?

G Mgr- Every week we go over that and every week they go out and LIE

Q – They what?
G Mgr- lie

and if there’s an idiot out here who thinks, says, well Marrrrky that doesn’t mean any other co’s go out and lie. I’m telling ya, most do, YES they do… tell ya what, call 5–10 of these INT morons over to your house, tell em you have 1-2 whatever leaky areas and video the shtt, find out for yourself bubble-brains