The complete book of home inspecting

I just came across this publication that is now available on line.,M1

Not quite it is a huge file Pages 8-13,18-21,26-28,33-35,38-54,52-72,74-284 . Have all been omitted .
Did not read but looks like a teaser to get you to buy the book.
With this many pages to print I am sure it could be cheaper to buy the book .

High speed needed or the whole day to down load
Good find Greg

Price:$19.95 Price:$13.57 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details You Save:$6.38 (32%)

Hi Roy,

I am sure that it would be better to purchase the book if you want a hard copy. I do own a copy of the book and have found it to be very useful. I just happened to be searching for information on a roof problem and ran across the link to the book.

I have this book in my reference library as well. It’s a decent book for the money IMO.

You can get this book USED…for a measly 6 to 7 bucks.

I also have this exact book in my library. Found it on Amazon (used but new condition) for $4.95 plus cheap shipping. Good reference book.

One of if not the first commercially available books I bought. Mine is second edition (1993) and has a different cover but it was and still is a pretty good book for someone just starting in the business especially for the money. Basically, anything you can find that helps even a little is beneficial.

I got the same book on Amazon about 2 months ago new for $6.00 or $8.00 dollars plus a very small shipping fee. Added it to my reference material. IMO it is pretty detailed book.

If it is anything like the books from Audell’s that I had in the late 60’s, it is all worth it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

I just came across this publication that is now available on line.,M1/quote

Nice post Greg, but who is that book for?

I have at least 12 books about HI, but they are trivial at best. There is only one way to learn, and thats from folks like you and the rest of the top notch folks on this board.

Keep on keepin on…:smiley:

I have the book and think its okay. It has helped me a couple of times. Oddly enough I sometimes find myself referring to the The Complete Guides to home wiring, plumbing, etc. by Black & Decker. It is more for the simple stuff that does not come to mind at the time great photos as well. I don’t recommend them for complicated matters however. Actually I get most my questions answered right here on the board…What a great reference this board is!!! Anyone ever thought of going through each section of this board and writing a HI Question & Answer Book? I will take a hard copy when made available. There may have been one maybe called The Home Inspector Bible at one time but I am sure it could not compare to the Q&A from this board.

Also have Code Check Complete handy and many more!

I am reading it right now, I checked out from my local library.