The Covid-19 Scam, did you buy into the Panicdemic?

I guess that didn’t go over well

Robert W Malone, MD



This bears restating. We are allowing individuals untutored in biology and medicine to determine Scientific “Truth”. We call them “reporters” and “Fact Checkers”. When we tolerate these as the arbiters of “Scientific Truth” the ability to accurately discern reality is compromised

Which definition of vaccine?

The original or the newly minted?

Nope, I am in Canada. Masking indoors is no longer so much a thing here. It is recommended that if gathering people should be vaccinated. If there is unvaccinated people at the gathering and safe distances cannot be maintained then yes masking is suggested for safety. People I know are more than happy to remain safe until the medical community believes otherwise.

Technology and the understanding of medications has increased dramatically. Yes this vaccine came quickly but was it not put through many trials until it was approved for use???

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Ooohhh but Michael, I asked first :slight_smile:

There is coming a dis-ease where people will have to wear ear plugs/protection to not be dis-eased by it…You wait and watch!..but for heaven’s sake don’t listen to it. :flushed: :weary: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dreamer. Wake up.

“At best, one large, well-designed study found remdesivir modestly reduced the time to recover from COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with severe illness. A few smaller studies found no impact of treatment on the disease whatsoever. Then, on 15 October—in this month’s decidedly unfavorable news for Gilead—the fourth and largest controlled study delivered what some believed was a coup de grâce: The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Solidarity trial showed that remdesivir does not reduce mortality or the time COVID-19 patients take to recover.”

Coward. Wake up.

I am sorry, how is it i am a coward???

You can’t manufacture the time needed to prove safety.

Considering the well informed voices and PHDs giving warning you pretend that posting government propaganda is convincing. It’s not.

Uuummm, it can most certainly be sped up by advances in medical technology and the speed of obtaining results.

You’ll believe anything your tyrannical leaders tell you.

Time proves safety not imagination.