The Covid-19 Scam, did you buy into the Panicdemic?

So so smart of you.

Seems you disregard the majority of the medical professionals right???

So, that best part of a critical debate is peeling the onion of nuance. IMO, what you just did was the opposite. You took something I did not say, disregarded the body of my work, then wrapped the onion back up in your words. Then attacked my intellect. Which is a political tactic despite your anti-political position.

Based on your responses to me, the above is obvious.

Despite all the shit slinging on this page. I have learned a lot about the different perceptions of this pandemic, from vaccines, to lockdowns and the way forward. I find this valuable. Anyone who does not find this valuable probably should not participate.


Not sure about you but this is the first pandemic i have lived through. Giving up some of our rights and freedoms for a while , while the medical community tries to figure out and assist us in slowing and ending this crap to save lives and get us back to some sort of normal then we should do it. While it sucks, I value human life more than going out for a meal. Did they get it right or wrong?? Don’t know but this is their area of expertise. Why not listen???
Your a good guy Brian, I value your knowledge, input and suggestions when concerning Home inspections. But that’s our field not viruses and pandemics and vaccines.


It reminds me of the subsequent 9/11 responses by our government. There were many loud debates about safety vs freedom. How we collect data on our citizens, how use the courts, intelligence community and police powers.

You see the results today such as having to partially undress and full body scans before we get on a plane as well as government spying debacles.

You go further back in time, government using emergency powers such when it was the policy of the U.S. government that people of Japanese descent, including U.S. citizens, would be incarcerated in isolated camps.

The conversation about lockdowns, mandates etc. is not an “ignorant debate” but rather one based on a deep rooted history. I also encourage you to follow story of the Swine Flu debacle of 1976.

I am not asking you to change your mind. Just be aware, things you cannot grasp may be because you just haven’t attempted to see a different perspective.


I am more than happy they put the protocols in for air travel, after 9/11. There are many evil people out there. I would like to feel safe during air travel, well all travel.
I DO look at the different perspectives, look at the different studies. This is a medical issue that we need to stop with the advice of the medical community.
You took someone to get a booster you don’t believe in??? Why would you do that???

Why? That’s nonsensical

How do you explain why phd. holders and docs and data annalists don’t agree.

Science is not done by MAJORITY.

Ok by the majority of positive data then???

Nope. Keep trying

Gotcha, so??? By the advice from you??? Ok. That makes sense. Your a joke.

Hey Michael, can you run me through the process of medication approvals? I must be stupid, as you have stated, to many people, however, i had the understanding that the medication was went through a testing process and then if the majority of out comes were positive it could get approved. Obviously there would be some unacceptable side effects taken into account. I am just saying this in very basic terms (so you can understand) but is that not the process???
I know you have vast medical experience so please let me/us know.
I expect your educated response and one you use a lot. Are you stupid? Guess a majority of the world are right Michael???

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Looks like DeSantis loses another… Losers are gonna whine. :mask:

Tampa Bay area hospitals decide to follow federal vaccine mandate |

Tampa Bay area hospitals decide to follow federal vaccine mandate despite new state law

Under the federal mandate, workers at health care facilities that provide Medicare and Medicaid services must be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022.

Indeed, these self-proclaimed “truthers” are adept at sloganeering. Whether it is deliberate or merely a modern consequence, who knows? But their employment of a tactic that Dr Coleman criticises is just one of many contradictions.

They label the public "sheeple " and decry the “brainwashing” we have undergone, at the same time as unhesitatingly lapping up any conspiratorial crumb flicked their way. “Question everything”, they insist, but then ignore us when we question them. They indignantly tell us to “Do your research”, but fail to fact-check the material they share. They clamour for “freedom of speech”, but kick dissenting voices out of their forums. They accuse the media of “scaremongering”, and then tell us 5G is what’s killing people, that our facemasks are making us sick, and that a coronavirus vaccine will implant tracking bugs in us. There is an unrelenting denouncement of “fake news” while disseminating that very thing.

The coronavirus crisis is labelled variously as a “plandemic” or a “scamdemic” . Those who do not believe are urged to “wake up!”, and material is distributed invariably with a plea to "share this with everybody before it gets taken down!".

So if any of you think that the Covid vaccines have not been scrutinized, studied and analyzed for safety and effectiveness more than any other vaccine ever produced in the world then you (Micheal) are stupid!!!

Stop pretending I don’t back up what I say.

Will you be masking up in your home to eat turkey like the experts say you should or don’t you care?

Wearing face masks at home might help ward off COVID-19 spread among family members

Vaccines takes years to prove their safety you fool.

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Right after you explain why the twice failed drug Remdesivir is still used to treat covid.

I guess that didn’t go over well

Robert W Malone, MD



This bears restating. We are allowing individuals untutored in biology and medicine to determine Scientific “Truth”. We call them “reporters” and “Fact Checkers”. When we tolerate these as the arbiters of “Scientific Truth” the ability to accurately discern reality is compromised