The Covid-19 Scam, did you buy into the Panicdemic?


Then do what your master says and shut up and leave everyone else the fuck alone.

I bet you also believe Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an illegal weapon looking for trouble because it was repeated incessantly even though it was never true.

That’s your level of discernment and its obvious you can’t see it.

U.S. vaccination campaign prevented up to 279,000 COVID-19 deaths

Pure bullshit loser. Not knowable.

It’s an open forum, so………

I do not consider my doctor my master, dont think anyone would, however she is a trained professional in the medical field with way more knowledge on the subject than both you and I. If my vehicle breaks down I am not taking it to a lawyer to get it fixed I am taking to someone who is trained in the field correct???

Your doctor needs you to be sick so she can pay her mortgage and her car payment.

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Shut up fruit cake.

Public Service… Pay Attention Assholes

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Garbage post.

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Ford, Chrysler, GM, and UAW reject the Molester-in-Chief’s vaxx mandate.

Yes you do. You do what he/she tells you.

I trust her advice on medical issues, guess what, she never forced me to take a vaccine moron.

Any good doctor will go through pros and cons of any intervention and medication moron. If yours doesn’t then YOU are the stupid one keeping that doctor.

Anything tearing families apart… :santa:

Gotcha ya covered… :rofl:

LOLOL or what their government says is acceptable.

Y’all part of a cult.

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