The Covid-19 Scam, did you buy into the Panicdemic?

The pacifist speak.

An so do you Bryce.

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Kim Iversen? Really?

Stupid, not science.

You are getting closer to placing yourself with Mr Williams. Is that your goal???

You have nothing to offer except stupidity.

Very cool and reliable website your grandchild could have made.

No that would be you, and you can’t see it. We are all talking about you and laughing at you. It is amazing. You actually dont get it. Just because its not posted doesn’t mean we dont talk. Lol, you are such a child and dont see it.

The stupid it burns,


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And another stupid reply, keep them coming!!! It will only make people listen to you more right!!! LOL We are all laughing at you and you dont get it.

No, it is actually not listening to yourself.