The Do-It-Yourselfer...

does it again.
Didn’t know if I should post this in Electrical or Plumbing.


Well, as long as he took the hose coupling off the other end…:wha?:

What is that…a snake poopin an outlet…lol

He’s one which I thought was ingenious…

The tube used as a dryer vent that is.

That first one is Line heater to prevent a frozen water line instant it ? lol

People wonder why I have no sympathy for DIYers who burn their own house down with installations like this. It is not that I am COLD, I just know that it cost’s less to do it right than it does to do it wrong in the end.


I used the word ingenious but really I meant STUPID.

Frigging Fantastic. If only these people could harness their creative energy for the goodness of Mankind.

The liquid-tight flex conduit in the original photo is rated for 120 VAC or 120 PSI, which ever comes first! :slight_smile:

thats a keeper!!!

I see some of our local contractors moved to Peterborough when our building boom crashed…;-):D:D:D

The Harry Homeowner contracting company lives in every town! :shock: