The drunkest city in Amercia

I just read that the drunkest city in America is Fresno, CA.

*This study was based upon death rates from alcoholic liver disease, booze-fueled car crashes, binge-drinking, DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties. *

Can you guess the most sober city?

Salt Lake City or Ogden?

Would you believe, BOSTON, MA!!!

InterNACHI did an event in Ogden 2 years ago and we couldn’t even buy a beer afterward.

Most sober cities:
Boston, MA (most sober)
Then Yonkers, NY
Then Rochester, NY
Then Salt Lake City, UT
Then Miami, FL

Orlando, FL is right in the middle.

I would have thought it would be New Orleans.

Been to Fresno, I can agree with the list.

I would of thought Any City in TN Does Moonshine count?

Who decided this and how?

Boston for crying out loud is Irish!

Bob are you saying Irish partake in alcohol drink? lol