The ECHO is more REAL is you consume approx 5 lbs coke beforehand

:45, echo for ya plus some exterior cracks in block foundation wall for ya, ummm, anyone who has interior basement drainage systems installed $$$ n have cracks like these, guess what? Ya NOT stopping the water penetration and not removing any weight/pressure off the wall

‘Long term WATER PENETRATION THROUGH through exterior basement wall caused blocks to disintegrate which resulted in collapse of basement wall…’

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“Hello in there!”

Go get 'em, Mark! :smile:

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Someone must really love that house. LMFAO… wow!

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Robert, senior woman in her mid 80’s owns house, husband passed years ago, she simply wanted the water to stop entering her basement, was getting ALOT of water.

As usual when inside her basement and looking at the block walls, most of the cracks are not/barely visible, but as we all can see, cracks are quite wide on the exterior lol. The area of wall dug out by hand in video was not the only area we did for her.