The effect of mold on infants

So you think you’ll do some research to support your website claims of the benefits of mold testing. Oh great! here’s an article telling how bad it is for infants. Study by the University of Cincinnati, that sounds credible. Funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences AND the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare? Gets better all the time!
Wait… what’s that right below it?

Find it here.

BUT… try to find and read the actual article “Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution Study”. I couldn’t find it, not without paying. I did find the introduction that described the goals of the study and how it would be conducted. It was about traffic-related pollution, specifically diesel exhaust fumes.

Basicly dust is bad to health.

I pooped my diaper when I was an infant when the mold counts were high.
Now I poop my diaper for no reason at all.

Mold is everywhere, and critical to the breakdown of natural substances in the earth and air; such as leaves, grass, etc. Some people are allergic. Some are not. Some people are allergic to some types of mold. Some are not. Some people are allergic to peanut butter and dairy products. Some are not.

It is up to the people to be alarmed about mold and food products, and to decide where and when to test for products, or mold, that may harm them. Not governments. Same with home defects. We alert the people to what the home defects are. It should be up to them what to fix, or not. We inform. Not judge.

Back in the 50’s, I ate bologna every day. I drove my bike without a helmet. I rode in a car without seat belts. I lived in a home without air conditioning. My dad cooked hot dogs on the BBQ every weekend. I swam in the lake without a life jacket. I had no cell phone. My mom used cloth diapers. And, I am still alive. People today just get scared whenever they read anything, and live by, what is said the media. I have some advice for anyone under age 30.

Turn off the gadget, and go out and play. Live a lot.

Well Said Gary!

A child’s immune system does not fully develop until he is about 10 years old. When a young child is exposed to any health hazard (such as a high level of mold) the immune system will not develop correctly, causing that child to suffer the chronic affects (such as asthma) for the rest of their lives.

Now as far as mold being introduces to help the immune system to fight the same mold infection inside the body, that is simple immunology. Look at it as getting a flue shot. Whatever flue a person is being vaccinated for, a small dose of that flue virus is injected into the body, so the body will recognize the flue virus as a foreign invader and produces the antibodies needed. The next time that body encounters the vary same flue virus, it will remember that it is a hostile invader and quickly launches an immune attack to kill the virus. Without the vaccination, the flue would over run the body, not giving the body enough time to react.
The immune system is a funny thing. I believe the wide use of antibacterial products are actually hurting us more than helping. If a kid is exposed to more bacteria, such as going outside and eating dirt like when I was young, kids would not have such a high range of health problems they have now. As soon as the immune system is fully developed, it is hard to reprogram.