The Electrical Guru Radio Broadcast-Join In

Hey Guys and Gals,

Starting this Monday Night I will be broadcasting a LIVE RADIO show from my website and with 1000mikes as the provider. You can listen online to my Radio show, join us live in the Chat Room to ask questions or call via the phone number below.

  • Hint…Put the number in your FAMILY CIRCLE or CALLING LIST and your calls will not cost you anything.

Here is the radio channel…

Also if you want to be made aware of random CODE chats and lessons I will be doing online join my contacts list on the above link as well as you can follow me at twitter as well.

The chat room if you wish to listen and type in questions without calling is found at

As the weeks go on I will be having guests calling in as well doing some lessons and having conversations regarding code issues and basic electrical content.

Hope you all can make it…the normal chat is Monday Nights but we may do it more often so check often.

P.S. If you want to simply listen while on NACHI…Just click on the link below and then when the small box pops up, press the PLAY arrow.

Here is the MP3 download of the Live Radio Show - Enjoy !

I was only able to listen to a small part where you were talking about using tabs in the code book due to Da Bears game but hope it went well Paul.

Is there a tape?

All of the archive broadcasts are available on if anyone would like to listen to the broadcasts.

learn how Article 110 works…clearances and dedicatedb space…listen to the broadcast on in the archives.

Got a nice Basic Electrical Theory series going on as well…Part I and Part II are already on line at…Enjoy !


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Full on Abernathy… Now that’s Amperage in your brain!:smiley:

Check out the details… You will be amazed…

You will be “shocked” if you miss this course…in more ways then one…:wink: