The embattlement of R&R

Why do R&R so often find themselves embroiled in unfriendly arguments with members and non-members alike?

The Wanker is a whiner and a consumate conspiracy theorist. He functions best when uncovering imagined plots against himself or his vision of the world according to himself. Very opinionated, extremely abrasive. Never a nice thing to say about anyone or anything. Tough to be with. Rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Difficult to like.

Kook is a mindless follower. He likes to bark in unison with the ranting Wanker, but doesn’t really understand what it going on around him. Has limited powers of reasoning and expression. He likes people to think he is a wise, sage old home inspector with a million miles of experience under his belt, but he is very amateur. Probably a pathological liar. Most humorous when telling a dumb lie, or telling everyone he’s not a liar… or better yet, accusing other people of being liars. Most annoying of the two characters.

But still, why do so many people seem to be picking on these two? It’s easy. Just when things settle down nicely around here, one or the other can’t resist the urge to make a disparaging or insulting remark about somebody else or some other organization. Neither one can go more than two days without bashing another organization, or accusing somebody of something.

If any of you NACHOs can get these two freakazoids to put a lid on it for a couple days, you’ll see that all the Dave/Elaine/Jason/Mystery/Bugmenot/etc/etc and other counter-irritants will go back into the closet.

Then you can all go back to whatever you were talking about before.

Just tell the R and R Sideshow to STFU.

You sure are desperate to cover things up and deflect criticism.

Besides we were talking about the shortcomings before, so your right lets go back to what we were talking about.

We don’t succumb to blackmail. Go and spout your venom on the CAFE.


I sort of see NACHI as the Taliban (not as terrorists but as the country that hosted them) back before 9/11, and Raymond Wand and Roy D. Cooke as al Queda.

The Taliban had it made. No one was interested in them and they got away with anything they wanted. They were bothering no one. But they let it go to their heads and decided to sit back and play host to a terrorist group.

For a while it was OK, but then that terrorist group decided to fly some planes into the WTC.

What they didn’t expect is that this messy war that ensued would take place in the U.S. for that one infamous September day only, and the rest of the war would take place right in their backyards.

It is not the U.S. that’s in a mess right now, right, but Afghanistan. Boy, that plan sure didn’t work out well for them.

Here in the NACHI homeland, you guys have been going about your business like everyone else. Then one day you decided to let a couple of terrorists, Raymond Wand and Roy D. Cooke (Sr) come on board and rant and rave. Then, the terrorists started attacking others.

But instead of the ensuing war taking place on the OAHI forum or the Canuck list, it is taking place right here in your own backyard for all to see.

Does OAHI look bad because of what goes on here? Of course not. How about the Canuck List? Nope, all’s peaceful over there from what I’ve been told. So where is the war taking place?


And who do all you professionals who are probably afraid to steer your clients to this site anymore because of the antics of Raymond Wand and Roy D. Cooke (Sr) have to blame for this huge mess? **RAYMOND E. WAND AND ROY D. COOKE (SR), your very own homegrown terrorists.

** Either you are with us or against us.