The End Is Near Please Have Some Respect

OK some of you know I have been doing a small favor for a friend that I recently met in Dialysis. Today I was there getting my treatment, and my buddy was not and nobody new why.

Long story short I just received a call from one of the technicians at the center that knows that I was a friend to him. Apparently he was rushed to the hospital last night. I don’t know what’s up yet as I just heard but they say it is probably serious. This guy was not doing well, hence his saying The End Is Near.

Anyway, some people have been playing around with that saying, and I am asking you to stop, and come up with something else on your own. This guy was a friend, may have only been for a short time, but he was the kind of person that if he was health would do anything for anyone.



James sorry to hear about your friend. Be well.

Thanks Mark. I can’t get any info from the hospital. I am going to take a ride over there after dinner. Unfortunately I don’t know any relatives of his to contact.


Best wishes for your friend and your health Jim.

Best wishes to both of you Jim.

Thanks guys. I will find out later and post whats up.

Me well, life changed, schedules changed, But I am up and rockin, did 4 inspections last week, 8 radon tests and 1 good mold test… Not bad for just getting back to work.


Let me know if there is anything I can do.

OK sad update for me. I went to the hospital lastnight. Apparently my buds liver has now stopped functioning alond with no kidneys and some other issues. He was in critical condition and wouldn’t even let me in to see him. The doctors told me he has just a few days left.

Let me tell you all how fricken hard this is for me. I only new this guy less than 2 months and he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He has had a very hard life health wise which made if financial earning capability very rough.

I would talk to him 3 times a week for 4 hours at a clip. All he wanted to do was listen to my stories, and he loved when I would show him some of the NACHI battles. If he was gonna still be around I was going to let him work with us as a helper.

In the short time I had the opportunity to be his friend I hope I was a good friend to him as he was to me.

FUC>>K this is hard for me especially with my own issues.

OH well he always said to me from the first day I met him,
“The End Is Near” and unfortunately he was right.


Well that just plain sucks. :frowning:

Sad news James. Hang in there buddy. If you happen to cross paths with his family, pass along our condolences.

Thanks Jeff, I sure will. To this day I still never met any of his family. What sucks is I will attend his funeral when ever that is, and then meeting his family will really be a crappy situation.


Very sad scenario Jim.
I wish the best to you and forward my sympathies when the end arrives to the family. :frowning:

Thanks everyone, I will pass along the best wishes and also keep you posted.

FYI, he may have never been an inspector, but for the past month at least 3 times a week for 4 hours at a pop, he loved reading NACHI. It made him feel a part of something, and to be honest he commented on several here about hoe this guy sounds smart, this guy knows his shi…t, and yeah, some are fools…haha… But he enjoyed reading on my laptop all that we kibitz about here.


Sorry for your loss, Jim, even though he may have only been a friend for a short time. Good people are getting extremely hard to find in the s hitty world.

He must have had a great sense of humor if he read or heard about some of the outrageous crap in these mb’s.

I’m sure you were a good friend to him as well, and hope you continue to blessed with success…