The ESOP Is A Joke

I don’t even want to hear about any ESOP judgments being overturned. Since I questioned about how it operates on another thread I got to find out from someone who had a complaint filed against them.

Luckily it was in their favor, but they had no clue that it was happening. That is ridiculous.

It is a ridiculous system and I really can’t believe the word “Ethics” is in the title of the committee. There is nothing ethical about how that system works.

Like I said before I am sure that I respect every individual serving on the committee, but the standards of procedures is absurd.

It truly is a “Star Chamber”

LOL.Juan was turned in also…but “they” found it meritless. So anyone can make claims against anyone. Why doesn’t the accussed have the right to face their accuser? Seems rather fair, why not?

Troy don’t dig to deep into NACHI, it will make you lose a ton of faith and will seriosuly make you question many things…

Coming from such a hypocritical person, I am flattered by Russel’s encouragement. The point of the post was to show that despite anyone’s affiliation, they got a fair shake.

ESOP is the longest standing working committee in this org. As soon as Nick disbands it, it will be gone. He can let me know anytime.

Unless and until that happens, I really do not care what either of you two think. Troy has, to my recollection, volunteered none of his time to this organization. Troy speaks from the sidelines. No one cares.

There are 10,000 members here, and around 5 that are ********. So what?.

Russel speaks from both sides of his mouth. Like the whiner on a playground, he is only satisfied when people pay attention to him and complains like a washwoman when things dont go his way.

I’ll give NAthan this much… at lease he has the BALLS to deliver a consistent message. He does not speak from both sides of his mouth, lobbies his point of view, and doesnt whine in public.

ESOP has been a joke for many years. As long as I have been around anyway. That is more reflection on the interNACHI executive’s apparent low interest in ethical standards than the fine inspectors who volunteered their time to deliberate on the NATE debacle or Joe’s efforts to manage the ESOP. I am sure that they will not repeat their mistake of volunteering the serve us in this manner ever again.

I personally feel that Nate is a cancer on this organization and his corrosive nature will continue to cause harm and division, as along as he is active in our midst.

Joe, do you feel that all ESOP members gave Chris a fair shake? Was his thoughtful decision given much respect? Or was he expected to blindly follow every recommendation as if it was an order?

I see Russell “adheres to the strict code of NACHI ethics”. :wink:

Well your recollection is wrong, because you don’t know everything. I spent a lot of hours trying to get a local chapter going a couple of years ago. There was no interest. It was beneficial for me because I did develop a great friendship with another inspector in my area.

Joe, I could care less if you care what I think. I asked a question to learn more about how the committee operates and got an answer. I think it is a joke, and if you don’t care or if no one cares that is fine. So you can belittle my opinion all you want and that is fine.

I learned more than I probably needed to about this place today :neutral:


It’s not if one got a fair shake or not. We all know there is good people on the committee. What is not fair is one not knowing what charges are against them. Nate made this very clear in a post here if I recall right he was never told of his infractions. How do you explain that without taking a shortcut through an alley? It may not be anyone’s elses business but it if I had a complaint against me I damn well would want my side heard by the committee especially if there was a possibility of being banned in any way.


Good one Joe…think that one up all by yourself. Sorry, I am younger and have no idea what a washwoman is…so it may have been funny, but don’t have any idea what your talking about.

A three-ring circus of ethics, fun for the whole family.

And the **** crowed three times.

Joe lots of people care what many of us say here to include you. You would be amazed if I ever shared the numerous emails I have received over the years here from people who love to read but want no part of their image on this message board.

LMAO, and who here abides by them?..Your right I forget. It will be removed. Thanks!

Thanks Chris…page has been removed

One thing I apologize for is the title of the thread.

It’s the procedures I think are a joke.

I was definitely not referring to the committee membership.

You’re welcome…:stuck_out_tongue:

You need to get pissed up and mellow out.:wink:

Chris our CEO, looks wiser by the minute:

He put Joe and the vendor on a 3-way call with himself for over an hour. Listened to both sides. Gave both parties plenty of opportunity to explain their case. Considered ESOP’s recommendation. Considered Joe’s recommendation. Considered my recommendation. Considered Mark’s recommendation. Followed none of them. Decided on a course of action. Implemented that course of action. Ordered his staff not to criticize ESOP’s work. Went back to running InterNACHI.

NICK. all this crap being tossed around is really disgusting and frankly embarrassing to all of us. The original Nathan issues are over and done with. It’s old news. Even I made peace with Nathan.

The fact now is that in the last 2 months NACHI has begun a horrible decline is Professionalism. With the collapse of any coeregulations and proper enforcement being followed and a major separation and division of power as well as members afraid to speak in fear of starting another pissing match this is ridiculous.

NICK it is your sandbox and you obviously make the playground rules. That being said are you going to start acting like the Leader of the largest Home Inspection Organization In The World and get some professionalism back in the playground, or is this how it’;s gonna be? A big pissing bowl with no value or public respect? Get a grip man, don’t let the ship sink.


? What is an “esop regulation?” New one to me.

LOL, changed (you were to quick) I meant coe with a fair and proper method of enforcement? or are we now just a group of wild wild west yahoos ??