The first ten members to post win!!

Sorry, no prize. Just messing around.

Inlaws here, cable guy here.

Just anxious for the party to start.

Need to leave for an all day job at 11:30.

was trying to get this party started.

Bah humbug!

You are definetly getting visited by three spirits!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Dave, a lump of coal in your stocking. And from what I hear of the weather your way, you may need it. Be safe out there today. May you have many happy inspections.

so then the proper response would be…Bite Me …:smiley:

Unless, of course, you like that sorta thing… from a guy:shock:

My response would be… F— Off !!!:twisted:

Have a good day David. I would much rather be out in the field working today. Wanna trade? :cool:

Since when does an “all day job” begin at 11:30? Sounds like 1/2 a day to me.

I think I will start all my posts with “The first ten members to post win”

Look at all the responses i have gotten.

Just looking to get the party started. Not trying to offend anyone.

Maybe this will get Nick out of bed.

Oh, darn, I was excited!

When your in-laws are at the house!:smiley:

Better known as the outlaws.

I already have gained 5 lbs.