The first, tenth, thirty-first and fifty-first, ones to

…read this can agree, or not:

A big THANK YOU all, from Nick and STAFF to all The DONORS and all the FaceBook group, that we are blessed to hear from once a year, or so, for another Great InterNACHI Christmas Party!

I was here this morning, for an hour or so, before the start and just came back shortly ago (Grandkids, you know!) to see how things were going…going…gone.

It looks like everyone had fun and that is what it is about…having some fun.

God bless you all and pay it forward…maybe to Cozy Coats for Kids.

Larry Kage


I had a great time for my first InterNACHI party. Who woulda thought a party through a forum coulda been so enjoyable. A HUGE thank you to Nick and everyone at InterNACHI!

Carolina Certified


Haha, I agree Larry! :slight_smile:


Agree! :slight_smile:

Jody Wooden


Thank you Nick and team. I don’t believe I won anything, but want to thank you any way. I enjoy being part of InterNachi. I am also already IAC2 certified and not sure what you gifts is going to give us, but thank you anyway.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Agreed! Great time.

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Once again I find myself following your advice Larry! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
James McArthur

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I want one please!
Did I win? How do you know? :grimacing:

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It is in the mail…honest! :joy:

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