The first thing to do before you post

Click on quick links above and select edit your details. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and fill in your location. Then click save changes.

That way your questions can be answered by members from your area.


More importantly, it gives others reference for an answer tailored to your location.

The second thing to do if you have a question is to do a “Search” Most likely your question has been answered multiple times. This sometimes is the fastest and most accurate way to get the needed information. :wink:

This should be the first thing then refer to the top post in this thread. :wink:

Or even better yet, use Google with a twist. Enter your search terms in Google and add “Nachi forum” at the end. It will bring up all the threads where your search item is noted. Their search engine is 1000X better than the poor excuse for the forum search.

I agree, the forum search sucks.

Even slightly better is enter your terms and

Then you not only do get all the posts, but you’ll get any articles published on the topic.

The forum search is indeed poor, but that’s just part of the vbullentin software.
I used to admin another site with the same software, the the search engine had the same problems. And when we upgraded to the newest version of vbulletntin software, the search engine got worse, not better!

Back to the main point: As anyone in real estate will tell you, the 3 most important things are location, location, location!

Laws and common practices vary widely from state to state, and country to country. What is good advice for one area may be practicing without a license or poor advice in another area.

The first thing to do is to put the alcoholic beverage down.

Some here are guilty of P.U.I. (posting under the influence) :wink:

Here you go guys. All of my details have been

Added to my profile. However, if I am on mobile

It does not show up. Furthermore, I can not add

Anything to my profile when on mobile. Maybe

others have the same problem.

Or in Colorado and Wahington PUI could be alcohol or weed. :wink:

You have not added All of your details. Your location still does not show at my desktop.

Go to profile at top left.

Edit details.

At bottom:
Where you live____________

And if you’re referring to the mobile app it is terrible. It is better to put a shortcut to the message board on your phone.

Is there a sobriety test available for P.U.I.? :mrgreen::wink:

Yes the results show when they post.

Can you elaborate on your findings of that nature?:slight_smile:

Mostly on the NFE forum. Very entertaining like watching a bunch of drunks at a party. :mrgreen:

Online sobriety test

Well, I am glad I seldom go there. :):wink:

I have to say though, InterNACHI members are pretty forgiving of the crime of P.U.I. We’re all family I guess.


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