The flip side of residential grow ops

Are marijuana grow closets the next big trend in home building?


You asking a bunch of old man Archie Bunker retro teabaggers on a home inspection forum or dreaming out loud ?

Speak for yourself. :mrgreen:

Hey, I figured since a bunch of you posted to a David Bowie thread, there’s hope for you yet! :smiley:

Weed closets have been around since the 60’s. As I remember on the collage campus dorms. Alot of weird *****man.

Was not talking about me .:slight_smile:
Bowie is before your time .Ask Major Tom.

Exactly, now I did watch “All in the Family” back then but when I brought home the “Alladin Sane” album with that center fold out of Bowie in his androgynous alien mode I’d say it was my father who reacted like Archie Bunker! :wink:

I still have that album and I’ll put it on this weekend in tribute.

Bowie was not too much before my time – I saw him live at the Oakland Coliseum in 1984 and he was, of course, awesome. He’s always been my favorite male rock star, hands down.

And there’s still so much to discover in his catalog, not to mention his brand new album, “Blackstar.”

I watched this last night on HULU. Bowie on Dick Cavett show, 1974. The sound wasn’t the greatest, but IMO it was pretty interesting. He did 1984 and Young Americans.

1974 David Bowie

Gotta say my favorite is David Ghan.Depeche Mode .

Favorite single performance for pure vocal was Lou Gramm with Foreigner as his voice ripped into the soul loud and clear during Starrider.

Now go to Female and my dream is to see Skye Edwards. Morcheeba ]

Dang, Bob – you got some sweet taste and excellent picks! :slight_smile:

I can’t pick a favorite concert – so many. But Joni is my all-time favorite female, especially “Hejira,” “Hissing of Summer Lawns,” “Turbulent Indigo,” and a few early ones. She’s been recovering from an aneurysm since late last year, but I hear she’s doing better. Even got to see her a couple of times.

I will say that one of the things I miss about Chicago (my home town) is seeing all the live jazz – Art Blakey, McCoy Tyner Trio (and he’s still at it!), etc. Very lucky I got to see them back then in very small venues.

:stuck_out_tongue: Now playing: Morcheeba

LOL, Tom!

I’m a huge fan of “Low” and “Lodger” (from the Berlin Trilogy) – got the vinyl but no player anymore. Have to go millennial for those now.

There’s so much of that vintage, obscure stuff on YouTube, as well. I admit that after working late Sunday night, and then finding out about his death, I stayed up till about 4 in the morning watching his videos and interviews. Still can’t believe it, really.

Good choice on the Morcheeba and my favorite vid was a live version of “Trigger Hippie” which I was just going to post but is removed and I am mad because I should have recorded it.

Just came back here from listening to a song I grabbed off Sound Hound. [luv it ] if you like the Depeche Electronic sound Pandora has my station as “Sounds from the Ground” what can I say.

Joni…that’s old school comfort music.

Yep heard stories about Bowie being cheap and Stevie Ray Vahn I am pretty sure mentioned he played with him radio interview ] and David would only pay Union min which was something like $400 at that time.ha ha.

Still he was a genius.

Killer, Bob! Thanks for the link! Shades of Laurie Anderson and Eno – another coupla faves! :smiley:

I’m pretty lame about seeking out new music, but we have some excellent DJs among our staff – always playing something interesting on the office speakers.

Laurie Anderson…Have not heard about her in ages.Recall she was a Chicago Native.

Just looked her up and she performed a concert for dogs last week in Times Square.She was always the cute but flaky artist.

68 now.

Picture it 1972 The Maraposa folk festival was on in Toronto. Several young men and women ,I was then 17, spent hours riding this train ride
and passing back and forth up and down the coaches thin hand rolled, closet grown, cigarettes. :mrgreen: No one asked for fares that day. Later that evening Gordon Lightfoot came up and jammed on stage along with many other performers. Best concert day ever for me.
Yea I go back a ways, like all kinds of music including now classic Ziggy.

Gordon Lightfoot… How cool is that.

A few comments on this video…wow.

This guy publish an album and the next day he dies! This is the ultimate form of performance art!

Like Johnny Cash’s HURT!

about 6 months after I moved from Maine to Indiana my dad calls me one night:

“your old house is all over the news. One of the largest drug busts in the state”

I still owned the house and was renting it through a management company. Nice young family with a 5 yr old daughter.
200 plants seized. over $200k in cash found in a shoebox

one of the bathroom’s plumbing had been rerouted to become a mister and the plumbing was all ate up from miracle grow or whatever they were fertilizing with