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referral generator. If it were, we would have built it so the visitor can’t get your info unless we know about it, you know about it, and you know it came from us. None of these are the case. (Other competitor sites couldn’t just post your phone number up because they bill an outrageous $2/lead…our sites are free to members).

Instead, visitors can call you (the most common way of scheduling an inspection...not email) directly off the site.

Furthermore, the site is mostly marketed directly to REALTORs ( ) who likely you direct.

Even furthermore, the REATLORs will often pass your name and phone number on to their client, who then calls you direct...completely unaware of where your number originated from.

If the person calling you doesn't know that your number originated from one of our sites ( ) there is no way members trying to respond to this pole know.

NACHI's job is to help members...not constantly remind member's we're helping them. NACHI quietly helps members in many covert ways, sort of under the radar, so that members of other associations lose market share to NACHI members...without ever knowing why. Remember...there are only so many inspections to be done and that's it. Every job a NACHI member gets is one an ASHI, NAHI, etc member doesn't. Kind of cruel to think of that way...but that's the way it is."


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Cruel, maybe. I say let the better inspector will be doing the inspections while the other may be left looking for other employment opportunities.

Joe Myers