The future of onsite reporting is here

I can not keep up as my Android camera may already be an antique at the ripe old age of 3 months.

Before the year is up many of you may find the newest gadget to be the end all / be all.

Imaging pulling up docs and graphics with codes and advice with nobody knowing you are doing it.

Your clients will think you are a wizard as well when you produce a report from thin air.

Check it out …here

You can also check out a hands on review

Jordys visor, that would be cool

Yes I have seen those. Have you seen the A.R. Drone 2.0 with camera. It is a third of the cost of the inspector pole and well let’s be honest, Way cooler.

I have been doing onsite reports for 10 years. You are behind the times.

Just make sure the FAA doesn’t find out your using it. I received an email about a year ago saying that FAA rules prohibit them from use on a commercial basis.

just tell them your on break:D

Drone is pretty cool. Any wind at all and it’s useless but for a high tech red neck it’s a gotta have when the new version comes out with all the bugs worked out…momma… Daddy needs a new toy!—>>>

I don’t know… they are getting pretty slick.