The gangs all here !

I was so happy to see everyone back, I just had to join the party.

Been a while, glad to see absolutly nothing has changed in two years:roll:

Raymond and Roy still going strong on the downfalls of OAHI

Gil and Dave back to argue with Roy and Ray

It just gives me a nice fuzzy feeling inside:cool:

Let’s get Nick in here and ask about seeing the NACHI books again !

Hi everyone !


Hi Jason.

Hey Gil !

Want a cocktail, I’m buying:D

What kind of cocktail can we feed Roy Kook, to get him to STFU? Him and Wand are so far over the edge, it makes this whole message board almost useless.

It really is embarassing to all the Canadian inspectors out there.

Ray and Roy should just drop the whole bit and get on with their careers.

OAHI sucks, NACHI sucks, everyone is agreed.

Move on people.

Jason1 any relation to the movies???

Boy, didn’t take you long to figure it out.

Who are you Ole’ mysterious one??

Never kiss and tell on the first date, you know better.

That’s not what I heard.