The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award

This is a list of Members that have received this Certificate Award to Date.
I would like to congratulate all of them for this Achievement.

If I have ommitted someone, please let me know.

The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award 2012

Now is the time to start thinking of acquiring this Award before the end of the Year.

Mike Mosiuk
**Terry Russell **
John Bowman
Kevin Wood
John Ritter
John Harrison
Christian Mettel

I would hate to show you guys off by achieving this Award 3 years in a row.


I am already there Marcel!

Well click here;
and submitt it then. :slight_smile:

I have edited the original post.

Kevin Wood has just been Awarded the Gerry Beaumont Educational Award Certificate.

Congratulations Kevin. :slight_smile:

Congrats, Kevin! Glad to see recognition for education…

I’ve submitted mine as well.
I’m hope that we get more recipients for the award this year than we did last year.
I think this is a great idea.

Yes Christian, I have submitted to the Awards Committee for review.

Congratulations on that achievement.

Great Job, I may add.

Thank you Marcel,

The addition of several new iNACHI courses made it alot easier. Kudos to Ben and everyone involved. I hope there are more in the works.

You are welcome on behalf of the Awards Committe.

May I ask how in the World could you have so many hours?:slight_smile:

And I have to say that this is exemplary compared to the expected.

Your comment to Ben for his great work is appreciated. Very well deserved.

I have edited my post above to reflect all that have met the requirement to get the Gerry Beaumont Educational Award.

Good Work Gentlemen. :):smiley:

Way to go Christian! Are you at 100 yet or over?

Thanks Larry for the acknowledgement follow ups.

These Members deserve an applaude.

Our Member Roy Cooke had a good graphic of clapping hands, but seems to have left the building.

Thank you, Marcel. There are some websites such as AECdaily and hanleywooduniversity that have some good one-hour continuing education courses. I try to do an hour or two a week, time permitting. Between these websites and the recent new iNachi courses, the hours added up.

I just went over 100.

For those of you who were not blessed to have known Gerry, let me say that it is truly an honor to have one’s name in the same sentence as his.

BTW, Gerry, is this a Cheese Shop?

I was lucky to have known Gerry, Great friend!!

Please explain about the cheese shop.

Gerry and I were both enamored (“enamoured”) by Monty Python, David.
Check out that skit (Google?).

After last years Herculean effort and topping over 100 hours, and receiving the GB award I am sadly lacking this year, I need to get into gear and get those hours in. Is it 50 + hours Marcel?

I have a lot of courses that I want to do, just finding the time has been difficult this year. It’s not an excuse, I know, but it’s the best I could come up with! :slight_smile: