The GRADE, re-grading does NOT solve 50,80-90% of all leaky basements, more misleading crap

instead of talking, replying and trying to tell me your grading crap solves most leaky basements, prove it, like i try to do with hundreds of videos of leaky basements and what was obviously OPEN on the OUTSIDE! Take videos of your re-grading bullshttt n post 'em, THEN, wait 1-2 years and go back and ask homeowner how that basement is, got it? Prolly not.
See the concrete? Newer driveway was poured, perimeter along drive and house caulked/tarred! Still leaked, see why chumps, sheesh loooolllll

concrete now has been cut, popped out, see why–where it leaked, had NOTHING to do with the grade, or the bitch-pitch of the slabs, total nonsense, weak, incompetent crap, the USUAL!

HAD there been no deteriorated rod holes (builders and city inspector blllshtt) and had there been no deteriorating bricks, joints etc under the side door ledge and elsewhere then the bitch would not have leaked REGARDLESS of the pitch of the OLD slabs

NEXT example, video PROOF unlike a few here who yap but cannot back up, prove their myths
homeowners leaked/seeped along back wall and side, driveway side wall… duh ummm i take a hose on dry day and run water on, along driveway and back concrete patio… they begin ti get water in = EXTERIOR cracks and/or other EXT openings allowing water in basement, ONE FIX to STOP the water from where it’s entering through existing defects (got that sellers, buyers?)

Do you see the concrete agst house? lol Do YOU see they caulked/tarred along perimeter? What is YOUR recommendation Mr inspector? NEW driveway? Mudjack slabs? Caulk over the existing caulk? loolollll
3 videos of the drive side wall and the back wall, wanna see, learn or talk shtt?
PART of the side…

rest of drive–side, what ya see? What’s OPEN allowing water in on basement floor? Re-grading, pouring new concrete etc doesn’t FIX shtt, doesn’t keep all sursurface water OFF OF the walls man, you are dreamingggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Back wall, what is OPEN… look dammmit, what is open pin head? They have concrete all along drive up against house and along the back and tarred/caulked perimeter!!! smgddddh

but some home inspectors do NOT ‘get it’, they don’t understand, they sure love to recommend DOGSHTT now don’t they but they don’t have the experience, no they don’t, so they should shut up about shtt they know little if anything about becccccccause, your dumb ass recommendations on leaky basements screws/hurts HOMEOWNERS!!! j kristams some are so friggin lost, don’t like my attitude then as i said a million other times kick me off your lying, incompetent board (on this subject its true)

Homeowners, you need to get your money back from ANY home inspector who mislead you, who gave you bogus moronic recommendations and NOW you see they were full of shtt because you are still leakkkking and its gonna cost you MONEY to fix those existing problems/defects that THEY did not bring up/explain to you!!! Most of HI’s, least around here in MI are NOT, in any way an honest expert on this subject. One more tidbit, SOME home inspector get $$$, kickbacks almost always from sone interior basement drainage system companies, yep, they…the home inspector gets money for LEADING YOU to almost always unscrupulous, scamming, lying INT co’s, how do feel about that? I think it sucks big time, them using YOU to make $$$ off of YOU, yep.

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How an engineer FAILED to spot a major basement water problem

One of the pitiful INCOMPETENT things that was recommended… ready? … was the SLOPE around the foundation be… lol RE----GRADED over the next few years!!! wow, wow and dumb and if an engineer MISSES the existing crack etc and recommends this bullshtt then ya better believe some home inspectors do it, fact is some do this shtt all the time

“engineer recommended the slope around foundation be re-graded over the next few years”

“engineer recommended the slope around foundation be re-graded over the next few years”

hahahaaa, in the meantime, the buyers… would have been screwed, yep, all because the engineer (like some home inspectors) was working FOR the SELLERS!!! ==== scam, crooked bullshit

Yep and so just like ‘some’ home inspectors on this board, they don’t like the truth coming out, they don’t like the facts, nope. Why? Because they have pulled this same shtt before and will keep doing it for $$$ whether buyers get screwed or not. Plus, they don’t like to be shown, proved wrong now do they lol fkrs


Can you please write a short list of clear recommendations based on your expertise? Using clear language, if possible. Too many profanities replacing actual terms.

Like Symptom #1 … Recommendations.

Most of us will appreciate it. Not all of us, but the most.


I get it, Emil. Mark is crusty but he is getting the word out (Waterproof on the outside) slowly but surely.

Keep doing your good work, Mark. And people will find you.

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Conceptually you are presenting good information but the attitude and level of frustration you display is handled in an extremely unprofessional way by your choice of your language and composition. If I were to enter a classroom or lecture hall and hear the instructor ranting in this manner I would turn around and walkout. Yes, you are an knowledgeable educator and I would miss the positive information presented in your message but I (and I believe most people) do not want to be verbally assaulted. Based on your written presentation there is no way I will take time to look at you videos or EVER suggest them to a client. Mark, clean up your presentation and it will reach a much wider audience and do some real good for both the homeowner and Home Inspectors. As it is now you come across as a “crackpot” even though you are actually presenting good viewpoints and information.


all due respect Thomas but i am not changing a thing.

UNprofessional on a msg board? Yeah "shttt’ sometimes.

IN PERSON? Nope. But believe what ya’s like, thanks for some good words though. lol

How professional is it to screw over homeowners/clients?

Yeah man you sound like an arrogant douchebag. Funny how the internet will reveal one’s true form.


Mark is very clear and concise in his videos and presentations, IMO. How he presents it is how he is. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. I knew a lot of brilliant people just like him over the years.
Thomas, it is unfortunate that you would walk out of a classroom if the instructor had this same personality.
Many years ago, I had a professor like Mark, that was teaching my Linear Algebra and Differential Equations class. I don’t remember a lot of my classes, but his classes I do and I did well in his classes. His classes were the ones that everyone wanted to sign up for.

Emil, you can compile your own list of recommendations just by going back and reading and watching all of Marks videos.
Good Luck!


hahahaaaa okay tough guy Nolan, u must be right "the intelligent choice’

Eh Nolan, are those your couple yelp homeowner complaints? Maybe take care of your house b 4 you stumble into someone elses

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Mark, I can help! I have a solution! I am shipping out a 5 gallon bucket of KY for you to present with ASAP! Wait! you may need a 40gallon drum :laughing:

my weenieeeee only goes in ‘rod holes’, ya folla? i gotta 1 1/2 incher and it SLOPES away, i direct it towards r ho’s, imagine that

:scream: :rofl: :joy: :upside_down_face:

You know, sometimes I wonder if these folks ever been to a construction site before :open_mouth:

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…said the man who called Mark “an arrogant douchebag.” :roll_eyes:

I agree with, Joseph!


i doubt it Simon, if so they had a fkkgg suit on, prolly a pink one

i see Mr Nolan on his site has a failry long write up on… ready?

on GRADING!!! i see, you see? Marky sees! hahhahaa Poor thing called out for dumb azz shtt, simple.

He writes, hahhaha “90% of foundation leakage problems are caused by SURFACE water”… so grade grade grade AWAY!

You think? :thinking:


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i wouldn’t be surprised if most of these ‘graders’ are T Boner kiss azz fans, they prolly have called M Pence to see if Mikey or his Mommy is available

Mark, is it possible ‘digging’ someone else’s ‘dirty’ problems roughened you up?