The grade the grade the grade, basement waterproofing, head's up Detroit, St Clair Shores etc

Day before exterior waterproofing job, Q, does the grade slope AWAY from the dumb back basement wall? Duuuuh, yes it does. Then why does the basement leak MarkYYYY ?

As usual, because there were exterior cracks, cracked parging etc in the stupid wall!

Ya see the corners of block wall i point out, huh? Someone previously slapped some mortar on crack that extends above ground level lol, well guess what, THAT… doesn’t do squat for the rest of the cracks that extend DOWN below grade, hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!

Was a 2 day job, about 62’ total linear feet, hand dug, back wall is BOWED IN
Here is what some of the back wall looked like on… THE OUTSIDE

Use your head, if you installed an interior basement drainage system and let’s say slapped on some carbon fiber straps on inside of wall, would that junk have
a) sealed the exterior cracks and stopped the water from entering
b) removed ANY exterior pressure-weight off the dang wall

Answers, hell no!!

Clay soil and some underground roots caused the cracks, wall to bow in and leak, that’s right baby

Same house in Roseville, a look at the inside of basement walls. Someone already cleaned some mold etc off walls and they did some tuckpointing lol and painted the walls. Some HI’s call the tuckpointing, a ‘repair’, i dunno why!!! Nothing was REPAIRED!

How can anyone think that by slapping some mortar in/on/over cracks n mortar joints on the inside of basement walls does anything to seal the EXTERIOR cracks in these walls, incompetence. It’s just lipstick baby. Yeah sure go ahead and fill em in but again, that doesn’t do SQUAT in sealing/waterproofing any of the exterior cracks and other ext openings in the wall and above the wall

“Get three coffins ready”, old man, “Huh”. ha!! “See, my mule don’t like people laughing”