The History of Concrete. First in a new series on inspecting concrete.

The History of Concrete.

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Thanks, Dale. It’s going to be a good series.

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Hey guys you forgot the Big-O in Montreal Quebec.

Opps, good thing you left it out.
Its a white elephant that cost 1.2 billion dollars and still needs a roof.
PS: Not paid for yet. Needs a 300,000 dollar roof.
Any bids?

Good job guys … looking forward to reading the rest of the series … :wink:

Whew! After 30 years in construction I thought I had a pretty good handle on concrete. Now that research has begun, I’m finding out that modern concrete is really amazing stuff! LaFarge alone spends $2 million a year on R&D.

It looks as if the “history” of concrete is still being made

Here is one for you Kenton.

SCC-Self compacting concrete, with no need of a vibrator for consolidation.

Innovation at it best. :slight_smile:

I had a client that is working on building and safety installations of the tailing ponds. Technical safety engineer. I will try to get some information on SCC.

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Yep, self-consolidating concrete, concrete you can place at 15 below zero, concrete that can go 60’ x 60’ without control joints, pervious concrete that is permeable to 5 gallons of water per minute per sq. ft., concrete that grass grows through that can be driven on, concrete so lightweight that you can cut it with a saw or drive a nail into it, concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide, chocolate-flavored concrete… I’ve got a list of 20 different kinds of concrete. The LaFarge batch plant here has over 400 design mixes on their computer.
Everywhere I go I look at concrete, take pictures of concrete, think about concrete… concrete, concrete, concrete… I want to become the Concrete Whisperer.