The Homeowners Handbook

Is anyone using, The Homeowners Handbook, by InterNACHI? If so, can you tell me how it fits into the report? What I mean is, is it a report binder in its own, or is it handed to the client separately?

Hi Ed,

IMHO you are better off with Keith Swifts “manual for a happy home” it is pre-punched to go straight into a 3 ring binder with your report.



I like both and yes they are pre-punched. I load up when on sale… hint-hint:D

The Certified NACHI Store has the complete presentation binder kits. My clients like them. I do not care for the new InterNACHI binders they are trying to sell for a presentation binder. The old NACHI binder says Property Inspection on the outside. It tells the customer what it is.

Hey Ed, I just ordered a case of Keith Swift’s manuals that Gerry mentioned. If you use this link, the price states $180 per case of 40 but you’ll actually be charged $154.

I currently use these and had business card stickers made which I put on the front. The manuals are drilled for a 3 hole binder and I use them with the other presentation parts. I use my own binder and print my own binder cover.

Same here except I just use a small piece of two-faced scotch tape and affix my standard business card.

These are good for adding weight and color to your reports… only $1 each (less than what they cost us):

It would be nice if somehad had an “ebook” of these. Like charge a one time fee of $$$.$$ to Send to customers.

Is the InterNACHI Homeowner’s Handbook Specific to the US? Or is it general enough to use in Canada?

US and Canada.