The House as a System

Using the whole house approach to energy efficiency, health and safety, comfort, and durability, with instructor David Keefe.

Basic, but good refresher.


Thanks James a great amount of information we all tend to ignore to often .
Long but a great tune up .
Much appreciated … Roy

I may get into it later but is there really that much business for this ?
I spend lots of time looking at places where they tear out perfectly good drywall over thick insulation so they can look at the exterior brick walls from the interior.
Seems like the people with money do not care about saving a few bucks and the working poor have no interest in spending a ton of money to reap benefits down the line.

Bob I would say to you please watch this before making any decisions .
One hour of great education time, well spent to increase you knowledge of the home.
I do not and never will be doing energy audits, Those who you say are tearing out dry wall are to me obvious in need of more education of the home before they start tearing out dry wall.

Maybe it was for his glaucoma

Whether you are doing a home inspection or an energy audit…the knowledge of how a modification to one part of the house can effect another part of the house is essential to anyone who is making recommendations to a home owner or buyer, IMO.

There are old general rules of thumb that used to apply that no longer do. Think about the 75 year old house that you see that has suddenly developed a moisture issue in the crawl space that didn’t exist in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Was insulating the floor in 2002 really a good idea?

Where does the moisture from the 15 minute hot shower go to when there is no fan sending the moisture to the outdoors…but a code acceptable (closed) window in the bathroom? Are you telling your client that this is “okay” because new homes are allowed to be built with the option of an exhaust fan or window?

OK will look through it some more however it moves slow the first several minutes.

Hello All:

I have been taking courses for 10 years on house as a system and am a teacher of Carson Dunlop Home inspection.
This one is well worth the hour and a half. I don’t think anyone should miss out on it.:slight_smile:

Here is another great discussion on this subject.

Thanks James ,another winner 10 minutes of great stuff… Roy


Two words for you! Merci beaucoup! (THank you)!

I really enjoyed all this very valuable information on the home, and its geographical locations.
Modifications which can offer negative results if not well planned.


Marc-Andre Beauchemin-Brossard,Quebec Canada

Why home inspectors should not be handcuffed by “code”.

These posts are great and I do hope many take the time to listen and learn.
You have reaffirmed many things we know but some times tend to ignore …
Thanks again for another good one … Roy

This is what I do when explaining IAQ. Thanks for the video it helps me to see I am on THE RIGHT TRAK:D

Heat Pumps

Get More Details</SPAN>

2,800 ~ 12,000
3,000 ~ 21,000

We had an energy audit on our 1400 sq. ft. Home Electric Base board heat .
Fully Finished Basement Gas fire Place .
Sealed and insulated as recomended

On recommendation of audit Person we put in a Mr. slim heat pump.
it heats our home upstairs great ,Electric heat kicks in at about 14°F/-10°C.
I thing we save about 70~ % on our heating and the AC is I think 23 seer and it is great .
Easy 3 hour insulation no changes in Basement cost in Canada about $3,300.00 and about $1,400;00 return from the Government .