The Hungry Home Inspector

The Hungry Home Inspector

I purchased the book and decided to read it, because when the subject of inspections comes up, I want to be the smartest person in the room. I have a long way to go. I hardly know the primary author P. Nathan Thornberry would probably not want me to read or review his book. I did it anyway and am glad I did. I will make it a goal to talk more with him, maybe in Vegas at the Casey O’Malley conference.

I have a construction background but a stronger customer service and management history. This has help my company grow to what it is(a staff of eight). The industry I came from, marketing was everything, with service and good management coming in second and third. I do not have the experience in the inspection industry as some of the giants in the book and can learn from each of them. This book gives me a glimpse of a few.

The book may not be liked by many of the traditional home inspectors, many of them do not think to the future or where the industry is going. They do not to follow the path the book lays in front of them. The book tells you why and how to overcome that and it is right to the point. I have been to many Florida events have talked with many inspectors and Nathan tells it like it is, like it or not.
At every event I have been to , I have made it a point to add at least one vendor to my list of additional services. Some I talked to, some I listened to. If I did not add them to my team, it was because I was not ready, not that they may not be a great fit. From each person I talked to at an event I learned something, vendors and inspectors alike.

I can only learn what the industry is doing by listening to the leaders or reading their material. I can learn more by talking with them. I only hope my competition doesn’t follow everything in the book or business will just get tougher for me. If I could prevent my competition from reading it I would.

“Everyman is my superior in that I may learn from him”

Is there a review in there somewhere?

I just finished the book today and thought it was a great, thought provoking read. I will be starting a Power Point presentation on the key parts of the book to use in my classes. NIBI will also utilize the book as a textbook in conjunction with the Power Point for our Marketing lesson.

too funny…

Did i miss a joke? Read the book, everyone can learn something from it.
Hell, the only thing that can come from it is improvement!

Since you missed it… The quick version: Many will not like it but it is correct in the path it leads you. It is informative and tells you how to grow your business.

Finishing up the CD’s in my truck. I plan on reading it with a highlighter and notebook next. I don’t worry about the competition reading it because most are of the mindset that the way they do things are the only way to do things.

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you did…
and no point explaining it…

Troy, you are 100% correct. They would just complain about some of the items of the book anyway.

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I also liked the book.

Will the book be part of the Inspection Marketing World Tour? I will be attending next month here in Detroit and will be looking for this type of reference to pick up.

Is it one of those, “You are the captain of your own ship” self-help books? Call me crazy, but I’m a little skeptical of someone who isn’t a home inspector, who appears to be about 25 years old, writing a book about the home inspection business.

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I disagree with you, Joe. Nathan looks 27.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Billionaire at 23 :stuck_out_tongue:


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Nathan, great book! I read it in a day or two after attending the Phx World tour. I am going to read it again with a highlighter. I have already made some changes and working on “streamlining my company”. I recommend this book to all home inspectors, new to the profession and old timers alike. Never stop learning!