The Hungry Home Inspector

I had the opportunity to read this book…Thank you Nathan.
This book may have saved me from myself. I must admit that my thoughts about Real Estate Agents have been tainted over a few one sided articles. The cover of the book is brilliant, no mistaking what it is about…making money! The font size is perfect, I could read it with or without my glasses. It was written in a way that I felt we were having a conversation rather than being told what I should do. Full of possibilities to implement when I do start my own business as well as many resources to follow up on. This book is a great read and I would definitely recommend that anyone getting into the business read it.

I’m almost done reading it…

So far the best message I see in the book is to operate your business as a business, and if I might add; not a Walmart!

As for the realtor thing, I was drafted into doing paid home inspections for a real estate agent who was a family friend. Her husband was the vice president of a huge business that may likely power your pickup truck. She knew how to “conduct business” above and beyond even the most savvy real estate agent. she has since retired but I continue to get inspection referrals (almost on a weekly basis) because of her.

I have lost a lot of business in this changing market because of being an “inspection technician” rather than a business manager. I have made things unduplicatable and more difficult for the agents without really realizing it.

This book has an awful lot of “Nathan biography” which is a little over the top, but they say storytelling is the best method of getting a point across.

There are many good points (which are not new and can be found elsewhere) that are put in the perspective of a home inspector. I would say this is a book worth reading because just like doctors, home inspectors are not very good businessman. They have a high technical skill, and generally a bad attitude!

I don’t have a bad attitude!! :-x #-o :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I was a high level manager in a top 75 Fortune company. Knowing how to run a business is only a small part of being successful. Marketing is even smaller.

Well said unfortunately some seem to enjoy the continuing attacks instead of trying to get more work.

Agreed, Thanks Nate!

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If you do not know it, it must be; way beyond.


This thread is absolutly the funniest one on the message board, thanks Gary. :smiley: