The immediate goal for the government of Alberta...

Approve some inspector education options that are higher quality, that are more robust, that are more convenient, and that are less expensive.

If they get the SAIT thing off the books, it helps, there are others like me who have taken the Internachi courses and all, or some of the Carson Dunlop, direct, The SAIT thing is a provincial cash cow , thanks for the update.

Is SAIT a for profit privately run school?

It’s publicly funded by your tax dollars.

Why would they use Carson Dunlop? Carson Dunlop course material is full of errors.

Book learning to me is less then 50% ,More field training with other Homies should be required .

Although, SAIT has traditionally always been expensive, an example would be years ago when CP rails conductors were aging they started a professional Conductor course, they were available in many of the provinces through community colleges, and SAIT was almost double the price of the same course at different locations, including the best one of all, which was located somewhere towards Edmonton, that particular location took over an abandoned track for their course, at the time, this knowledge had hit the education forums stating what ever you decide, do not take the course at SAIT, to expensive, one of the reasons I believe they are reaching for this opportunity is because in the past, a big part of SAIT`s curriculum was funded courses through the government via EI, EI or UI what ever you call it, no longer funds training, leaving a big whole for SAIT to fill, Anyways it turned out CP rail did not bring in many of the course grads because they do not traditionally operate like that. sorry, off topic again. but I guess most who have taken the CD course, including all of CAHPI members have obviously taken it directly from ,CD, even at 3450$ plus shipping it is very expensive when you compare it to Internachi Combined with Nachi TV.

Does this border on Black mail ,
Almost sounds like they are a dictatorship .

Even more important is the fact that the mistakes can be found by the everyday joe. So if a HI was to use this course material he is bound to fail.:smiley:

If memory serves me correct, one of the options in BS, BC I mean, was that you could challenge an exam, they only recommended the CD course, To me that sounds like the only fair approach seeing that a lot of guys are previously educated.

Good point!