The Inhaler

I had a very pleasurable inspection with a contractor and a roof salesman. House was a fixer upper and we discovered some major issues in a crawl space. Vacant home and access was sealed. He had a crowbar and tools and I said if you open I am inspecting. Good thing to!!! Looked like a small river was running through. Lots of erosion, cracking, settlement and footer looked like it was missing or washed away.

The salesman showed me this soffit intake vent. Nice product, thought I would share.

141809 059 (Small).jpg

141809 060 (Small).jpg

Looks like an invitation to bats…:shock:

and squirrels and birds…and isn’t that unfaced osb open to the air…wonder how that will hold up ?

Picky, picky.


that’s our job…:wink:

I was looking at the brochure and I was wondering how the gutter would hold up against the plastic inhaler. Like if the gutter was overtightened it would block the air way.

I have never heard or seen this product until today.

My thoughts exactly.

You can get the same effect by omiting the soffit. :mrgreen:

Looks like there are a couble “clips” but they’re not holding anything.

It’s our job, but some of us just do it for fun. :smiley:

well there is that …:mrgreen: