The inspector / client fee relationship

This video is very revealing when considering your fees.

Hope this helps;

Loved it!

Now find one that works for HI.
Someone must have done it already.:smiley:

So true, so true :smiley:

Very Funny and So True

Nothing new.We all want something for nothing.
I just wrote here how I got a $100 shelf for $30 at Home Depot 2 days ago.:slight_smile:

The difference in the video and some clients for Home Inspection is not that they can not pay but in trying to make them realize the difference in quality.

They often think some guy doing a home for $199 is going to do as good a job as a Professional.
Sorry to any guys here but if you are at $199 for a home you are not professional IMO.

Will that is awesome. :shock:


Amount of fee for service does not reflect level or quality of service. we are not better or worse based on what we charge. Despite our begging and pleading to consumer’s that we provide a better service and they should not be narrow minded enough to save $50 on an inspection… the same group of folks preaching this are probably shopping online for the best price on a hard drive… with free shipping. :slight_smile:

Our dilemma is that of a consumer would likely only truly realize the difference in the level of service/expertise/value if 2 inspections were done by different inspectors on the same house, and the consumer could see the difference. I may be of far greater value than my competition, but they (the consumer) is only hearing me tell them this on the phone. Their experience with the hired home inspector will not be realized until during or after the inspection… and then it’s likely too late. How the heck can a business explain this to a consumer on the phone… when they were “just shopping around for some prices”?

A call to action? A unique aspect of your service? What makes you/me/us different than the other 2 or 3 that were called just before you?