The "joe paterno on steroids" pope resigns.

He is the terrorist of all terrorists. Good riddance.

Looks like they found a replacement Nick.

  1. The Pope never molested a kid.
  2. There have been Catholic priests who have molested kids, and this is disgusting.
  3. The statistics show that child molestation by Catholic priests is about the same as that of coaches, ministers, Rabbis, school teachers and the general public. This only proves that priests are just like everyone else. No better or worse.
  4. Please Note: I used to be Catholic and was molested, in High School (Catholic) by two phys ed coaches. No rape or anything, just fondeling.

So, if you want to bash Catholics, realize that they are no better or worse than anyone else, statistically.

Also, please note, these “sexual molestations” are, 98% of the time, older male on younger male, not older male on younger female. Seems to be a homosexual problem more than a Catholic problem.

Hope this helps;

It breaks my heart that so many Catholics cling to Catholicism instead of Christianity. I’m not saying that all Catholics aren’t Christian, but many believe that they are right with God because they are Catholic and yet they have never even heard the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

This isn’t about child molestation. Like you explained Will, that goes on everywhere.

My point is that like Joe Paterno (only thousands of times worse)… the sicko pope systematically used his position and power to hide his child rapists from justice so that they could continue to attack children. He also spend a billion dollars of his followers’ donations keeping his child-raping employees safe and warm.

There are not many examples of this in coaching. It is so rare in coaching that it makes national news (Joe Paterno). However, it happened 200,000 times in the catholic “organization” this past decade.

Furthermore, the coaching world doesn’t have the horrible past the catholic organization does. Coaches aren’t known historically for reigning down terror on human beings, around the world, century after century. This latest *mass child rape and run *scheme is just another in a long line of crimes against humanity.

My plea to catholics: believe what you want, practice what you want, call yourself what you want, but please stop funding terrorist organizations who attack our children and then use your money to escape justice.

Sorry to disagree with you Nick, but your understanding of the facts is in error. This is common in these days of ad hominum arguement.

Agree! But I am sure that you would rather be accurate then merly parrot the over blown claims of the lefty media who would like nothing more than to slam the Catholic Church because it does not kow tow to them on the issues of abortion, homosexuality, ordaining women and gay marriage. Watch how they handle this upcoming Papal election as if it were a U.S. Presidential election. The lefty media is very PO’d that they cannot have the influence in this election as they do in others.

Hope this helps;

I don’t really think the women’s shoe-wearing leader of an organization with the history it has, one which systematically raped that many children, and one which has a management that shuffled their employees from parish to parish so that they could continue to attack children and avoid prosecution… has any business commenting on LEGAL, CONSENSUAL, sex acts between ADULTS.

His employee’s acts are not legal, not consensual and not between adults.

I notice all you retards with your self serving rightiousness never mention your own religion if you have one which I suspect is Satanic in nature.
Must be ashamed of whatever it is.

Please post here who you serve before further comments so I can look up the history of what ever pseudo deity you slobber over.
My suspicion is the Spaghetti Monster.

Thank You and may Christ be with you.

LOL. Bob you’re a hoot.

Anyway, I give a lot of credit to Will for taking what happened to him so well. I gotta hand it to him. For others, it’s not so easy to just walk it off.

To be clear, I am NOT against the Catholic Church. Catholics are Christians, believers in Y’shua as the promised Messiah. They are part of the larger group of believers.

One must not blame G-d for the failures of men. Christians believe that man is sinful and in need of redemption. G-d is perfect and Holy, man is not.

The Bible teaches that the leaders, elders and teachers are heald to a higher standard. If there is sin in Bendict, I believe that he is well aware of it and give him the benefit of the doubt that he as asked for, and recieved, forgivness. It is between him and G-d. I choose not to be self-rightous, because I know that no man is rightous (by themselves) and we all fall short. The measure is not between me and someone else, but between me and G-d.

I look to and believe in and have faith in G-d, not men.

As to my molesters, it seems like one of them died, of all things, breast cancer, about 6 years after I graduated. The other was arrested for robbery and died in prison while being gang raped by the other prisoners.

I have forgiven them for their sins, just as I ask G-d to forgive me mine. G-d takes care of things, when we give up and trust Him.

As the L-rd’s prayer says, “… forgive me my sins as I forgive those who have sinned against me…”.

Y’shua (Jesus) said, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”

BTW: In that story, the crowd who brought the adultress to Jesus were in violation for wanting to stone her. Jewish law says that both (the man and the woman) should be tried, before the Elders, and only then stoned, if found guilty by at least two eyewitnesses. It is clear from the story, that they were, in fact, sinning just by bringing her to him for a kangaroo court. Sorry, but I love to teach.

Amen (or as we Jews say, Oyman).

Nuff said.

So true.
Sorry I can not make your religious sect meeting at midnight.
Just Say three hail Satans and you’ll feel better.:twisted:

Glad to come here and get the unbiased yet factual and investigative reporting on the Catholic religion from lost souls that help reafirm my faith.

Maybe those metors truly are a sign.:wink:
Wonder if there will be any more over the next 24 hours ?

There is no religion without it’s own sins . as long people are involved there will be always sins or** travesties **.