The largest event in the industry is our online Christmas Party. It all starts....

I’ll make it look easy.

I just posted there , but I don’t see my post!

I don’t do Facebook either, but you guys have fun!

And We already donated to Cozy Coates for Kids.

Merry Christmas! :smiley:

Yeah, not for me either, I’ll pass. Enjoy!!


Lets do this thing!!!

Me to I have never participated in the on line party I prefer to give than take. This year will be no different. I did donate to the cozy coats for kids and encourage all to donate what they can.

I was in a Restaurant last week and observed a mother and 6 children eating kind of slim. I paid for their meals. Its called paying it forward as I was raised poor myself in a family of 12 children and I know what its like.

I love covering someone’s lunch bill and not telling them. Did it for two elderly ladies one day, received a thank you card from each. The waitress ratted me out.
Firm believer in paying it forward.

Merry Christmas to Nick and the InternNachi staff, I’m busy all day but wanted to say thanks for all you do.

Merry Christmas guys and gals.

What time does it all start?

I answered you on the facebook page…

Sorry, I still do not see your response on there.

Great way to do things . We have a family two doors up 2 great kids . 5 & 8 I went to their mother and asked if they had a bank account … No… so I asked if we could open one for each . She was so pleased and said yes .Well we opened two accounts ,she sent a lovely thank you letter and down came her two kids the 4 year old said nothing but WOW! they 8 year old was so pleased and told my how great it was for us to do this . He is the greatest speaker I have ever seen for this age . To-day we just put a deposit in them for Christmas .
Made us happy to do this .
Merry Christmas to all Home inspectors … Char and Roy…


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Refresh the page.

Its under a post made on the 10th

Yes…his question was in the same post.

Yep! And you answered him as well.

What happened to the Christmas party? Where is it?

See post one on this string … Roy C

The largest event in the industry is our online Christmas Party. It all starts…

Hi Roy, Merry Christmas! I didn’t see any activity on the Facebook page, am I missing something? Thanks