The largest price reduction on a home in history

Leona Helmsley was one of the greatest women who ever lived IMHO.

Just after she came out of prison for tax evasion, the IRS completed their audit. They owed her money and had to pay her. Because she lived and worked in NYC, she paid more personal income tax than almost anyone. If I recall, she paid over 100 million the year for which she was convicted over. For years, her husband sent a blank signed check to the IRS telling them to fill it out if they thought any additional money was owed. She employed hundreds of accountants. She is why I’ll never vote for Guliani who I believe indicted her on April 15th, and got her sentenced one year later on April 15th.

Why anyone wants a house that has 20,000 square feet is something that I hope I live long enough to understand.

My dream is to live in a 600 square foot studio apartment by myself. Alas, one I fear that I’ll never fulfill.