The Last Inspector Told Me.....

to put a clamp on the fireplace damper :roll:


I like that :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s open!

lol…Mission accomplished.

there are many ways to crack a nut…

You know this from personal experience? :twisted::smiley:

Boy, I do! The chain broke on my bicycle…

… as I suspected!!! :mrgreen:

Thanks for the chuckle, Jae!:D:D

Just a question the damper plate seems to be in much more used condition like the flue was replaced and they used the old damper or am I missing something, thanks

Good eye. Actually if you look really close, the lid is covered with wasps! The agent opened the damper for me and then she let out a scream. I laughed pretty good until I realized that I had to close it for her :shock:. On hind site, that may be why the clamp was where it was :smiley:

Jae, too funny!!!:D:D:D