The latest Communicator Issue.

It seems that ASHI’s Executive Director stole my catch phrase :mrgreen:

“A rising tide floats all (boats).”

Plagurism is the highest form of flattery :wink:

Are you claiming to be the originator of this very old expression?:shock:

No, Jim. Just the one who applied it to home inspections (many times, on this board) and used it with relation to not worrying about helping new inspectors in one’s area and not worrying about the compitition.

You gotta get out more.

Have you read the article?

The Executive Director of ASHI was talking about their new (?) program where ‘certified’ inspectors take new guys out and to a ‘tandem inspection’.

If you will search the archives, this was an I idea that the Chicago Chapter (when Russ Myers was President) initiated. We called it the ‘Reverse Ride Along’. An experienced inspector (NACHI) goes along with a new guy on their first inspection. The experienced inspector acts like the helper (carrying the tools and ladder) and lets the new guy do his thing (but covering his back).

Afterwards, the experienced guy does a ‘post action debrief’ and makes sure that the new guy has covered all his bases, but it’s the new guys inspection! The new guy writes the report and presents it to the client. The experienced inspector just backs the new guy up.

The Chicago Chapter started doing these about 2 years ago. The article states that ASHI started it ‘about a half year ago’.

Does this answer your question, Jim?

I have done 13 of these.

How many have you done, Jim?

No slam, just asking :mrgreen:

Credit should be given where Credit is Due.

Congratulations Will.

Thanks, Joe.

But, it’s not about me (never was. Please undertand this.)

Ronald Reagen said, “It’s really surprising what someone can accomplish when they don’t care who gets the credit.”

I would hope that the positive effects benefit NACHI.

I would hope that the credit goes to G-d.

Hope this helps;

*Will *I must say that you made a great helper.
Sorry I forgot to tip.
In all seriousness what the man said is true,as I may have had an anxiety attack if he were not there.

It’s great that you are so selfless in helping and promoting new inspectors … but take a compliment once in a while … especially when it’s well deserved. :wink:

Well done Will!

My point is that when NACHI grows, in membership and in prominance, that my company grows and my business grows.

I have no problem with helping new guys, even if they are im my area. I have one guy (he has been doing inspections for about a year, now) who lives about 2 miles from me. I did 3 ride alongs with him. He is even more anal retentive about his reports that I am and reads ALL the nation standard manuals. Because I know him (and trust him) I have no problem with sending my overflow to him (and he send his to me!) knowing that both our clients will benefit and we will look good to them because we recommened a good inspector who will do the work in a way that we would do the job.

I also refer to other NACHI members, especially those in the Chapter.

Most inspectors from other assoications, that I have met, will not do ride alongs with potential competetors. This is a NACHI difference, I assume. :wink:

Will it is nice you do ride alongs and use Kennedys 40 year old quote about boats.

But then you attribute Harry Trumans quote to Regan, when will it stop? :smiley:

I applaud ASHI for trying to help their base. ASHI is made up of mostly inexperienced newbies that need help and ride-a-longs are a good way to train all their candidates and associates. ASHI is a stepping stone to NACHI and so I hope their newbie-training program succeeds. A rising tide does lift all boats.

Perhaps an analogy regarding a flushing toilet would be more appropriate.:wink:

I stand corrected. My Dad, if he were still alive, would smack me for that. He was a history buff.