The law of Reciprocity, Be a giver not a taker.

The law of Reciprocity, Be a giver not a taker.

Many of us have had a good year, a blessed year at that.
The tax man is on our mine as we sift through all the receipts and other bill we have accumulator over the past year, and we realize we did well.
We start thinking about how we need a few deductions to level everything out.
We can go get that new pc we been looking at or maybe that software we have always wanted to have.
However, I know something that will send your business to it ultimate heights, beyond your wildest dreams.
It is the law of Reciprocity.
With this law you will climb to the top with an honest heart and an inward fulfillment you never thought possible.
Give to your local charity. Pick one!
I choose St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Our unique mission …
… to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment. And no family ever pays St. Jude for anything.

If after viewing this site and your hearts haven’t been touched…You don’t have one!
I’ve been bless! Pass your blessing along.
Be a giver not a taker and watch your business soar.
The man that sows a little reaps a little.
The man that sows a lot reaps a lot.

It is true…Yep!

Roy Lewis

One of the few times I am in complete agreement with you Roy!

P.s. welcome back!

Yes Sir.
It works .

I love seeing posts like this. Thanks for sharing your acts of kindness!!!

I didn’t want this to be a reflection on myself.
Just another way to help others less fortunate than most of us.
Many wonder why they try and try to succeed and always fail.
This is the answer.
It is like the Dead sea. Rivers and tributaries run into it , but it keeps it all with no streams running out of it.
Now you know why they call it the “Dead Sea”!
Its a taker not a giver and it is DEAD!

Nice post Roy!

Great reminder! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Yes it is.

Great analogy, Roy! I’m going to use that one on my kids…