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No I am not teaching IR am not qualified but would like to pass on some info to the guys that are considering taking the class. My instructor was the Senior FLIR Level 3 instructor and he emphasized the importance many times of placement of the Spot which I call the bullseye on the camera screen. He stated that if you are looking for Temperature not just a image such as on a breaker, Motor Bearing, Electrical wiring and such that the Subject must fill the Spot. Would make no difference if viewing a wall cavity void of insulation or a water leak in the wall. I have posted a couple of images one of my grandsons cold noise just came in from outside. The other two are of an air leak on a door note the temp difference in the bullseye by simply placing the spot less than one inch to the right of the other image. Distance from your target is very important fill the spot to get the correct temperature.

I use this type of image in my marketing approach to clients show a temp difference in numbers such as in mine 50 degree air coming into a 67 degree room is a lot more impressive than showing a Red and blue image with your image showing very little to no Delta T Just my thoughts

Good marketing point.

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Thanks every one for your posts I read and reread them all.
My FLIR camera is on its way and I should get it Monday.
Signed up for level one Dec 4th With my buddy Mario.
Every one is a great help and I appreciate it all thanks
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